Real Estate Headlines Featuring Hardwood Floor, Unglamorous Projects and Millenials

Oh summer. How I long to see your face, but lately it feels like we’re getting a sneak preview. With schools almost out and the potential of that commute getting a bit lighter gives me cause to celebrate. But before I break out in song, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week.

When selling your home, hardwood floors beat carpet every time. Where are home prices growing at the fastest rate in the world?

You and 100 of your friends could all pitch in and still not afford the penthouse in the Woolworth Building in Manhattan.

AOL Real Estate has a list of the worst home decorating mistakes you just might be making.Are millenials getting squeezed out of buying a home, Sometimes the unglamorous home projects are the ones that make the most sense and can do the most damage if you put them off. Can owning 22 rental properties give you more for retirement than $1 million in a 401k?

These are some amazing garages that have been converted into rooms. Check out the before & after pics.

And finally, in pop culture related stories about home, there’s apparently a new animated film called “Home” coming this fall. Here’s the trailer.

Author: David Marine