A trusted real estate agent provides experienced counsel, guidance and unparalleled local expertise – all essential ingredients for anyone on the hunt for a home.  But for first-time home buyers, the first step can be one of the most intimidating.

To help first-time home buyers, the professionals at Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty have provided the following tips to identifying the right real estate professional:

Ask around: Friends and family can be the first source of helpful information.  Referrals are the leading source of finding an agent.  If your new to the area or don’t have references, you should feel free to contact the manager of your local Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty office.  Once you explain your situation and needs, the manager should be able to suggest a few names.

Questions for potential candidates: As you meet potential agents, you should feel empowered to determine if the agent’s personality and skills are a good match.  Some of the key questions that might help you make a decision include:

  • What is your experience in Grass Valley real estate?
  • What is the average price point of homes that you help people buy and sell?
  • Could I speak with some of your past or current clients for a reference?
  • Tell me about the brokerage firm where your work?  How long has it been around?

Examine their online presence: Many real estate professionals are especially savvy when it comes to marketing themselves online.  They list their areas of specialty.  Some post tours of their local areas, demonstrating their expertise.  If the person is highly-visible and socially active online, it is also a good indicator that he or she is connected to the right tools and technology that come in handy for home buyers. Don’t be afraid to inquire about their experience using video when it comes to real estate.  Cutting edge agents can point you toward video tours, community videos and more to give you a real life sense of the areas you are considering.  Buyers can also go right to www.nevadacounty4sale.com to find a local office and look at profiles for the professionals who work there.

Go with your gut: After consulting with friends and family, doing research and looking online, the buyer’s instinct is often right on.  He or she will have a good “gut” feeling as to whether a person will be a good fit for the house-hunting process.